There’s No “One Right Way” to Think about Love

Often in my life I come across moments where I ask myself, “Is this love that I’m experiencing right now?” The very act of asking the question in misguided. The question presupposes that either, yes, this is love, or no, it’s not, as if love is an abstract form with only a single incarnation or expression. In fact, love can incarnate and be expressed in an infinite number of ways, shapes, forms, and feelings – there’s no “one thing” that love is, and so asking “is this that one thing” serves only to get me stuck in endless loops of searching for definition and distracting from the actual experience.

A better question to pose in moments of doubt: “To what degree am I loving in this moment?” Such a question is useful in those moments where we forget that loving in each and every moment brings nothing but joy. In such moments I often find myself able to stop and choose to love more, if I feel that the degree to which I’m loving is less that I would prefer. See the above post for a more in-depth look at this.

Better still is to stop asking questions altogether and trust one’s intuition – in my experience, love does not leave room for questions. It’s too arresting, too permeating, too true and right to leave room for doubt.

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