To Love Well, Also Enjoy Life Deeply

I just wrote that loves seeks to create abundant joy. It helps, in creating joy, to know what we’re trying to create. So in a loving life, we must take time to engage in those activities which create joy in our own lives. We are as worthy of joy as everyone else.

I love making music, both with my voice and any instrument that I can manage. I love turning a good meal into something artful. I love having deep conversations with people. I love writing. I love hugs. If I didn’t make time for any of these things in my own life, I would be pretty unhappy, and as a result, I would likely not be all that great at helping joy come into other people’s lives.

The only tricky part here is of self-discernment: figuring out which activities we really deeply enjoy and which just feel good. I enjoy eating donuts, for example. How deeply do I enjoy it? I can’t say for sure. But I can say with a good deal of certainty that eating a donut or six every morning would create far less joy in my life than making sure I write something that I want to write every day. You already know, intuitively, which things in your life give you deep and lasting joy, and which things, ten years from now, you think will be time wasted.

Do the things you really seriously enjoy. It will make you better at loving yourself and others.

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4 Responses to To Love Well, Also Enjoy Life Deeply

  1. John Dunham says:

    See my previous comment on five basic needs; things we enjoy probably meet one of those needs. Donuts may be fun, or survival. But we also have to meet our needs in balance, and not strive to overmeet one need to counterbalance a lack of meeting another (say, eat lots of donuts instead of having friends).
    I enjoy having good discussions about fundamental topics. I also enjoy applying them to the world. Thanks for posting your thoughts–as always, I find my ideas enriched by hearing and responding to the ideas of others. Understanding the world is a joyful collaborative effort.

  2. sufilight says:

    This is the perfect message for me today! It confirms what I have been noticing these days, that when I engage in what me brings me joy such as writing or cooking a meal for my s/o, or adding pretty flowers to our home, it makes me feel centered and grateful for everything. I am expressing my abilities and nurturing our home. When I engage like you said in activites that feel ”good” such as over indulging in anything that is not of benefit down the road, it is not joy, it’s a waste of my energy.

    Thanks for writing this!

  3. Judy Peace says:

    I echo sufilight; you are really helping me with this love/joy thing. And right when really needed. thanks!

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