The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

The opposite of love is fear.

Love dissolves artificial self/other boundaries. Fear builds those boundaries up. Love leads, ultimately, to the realization that all life is one, that all life is valuable, that all life is worthy. Fear leads to the paranoia of complete separateness, to the hidden, lonely places where the walls are so thick we can’t let anyone in, because everyone is someone else, everyone is out to hurt us. Fear bends us out of shape and holds everything inside, compacting us like the garbage we believe ourselves to be. Love recognizes the light inside us. Love takes that light and sends it out to those who hurt, to those who fear, to those who need. Love builds connections between us and everyone, everything, everywhere. Love erases fear.

Many people fear that the world may end soon, or that the world is already irreversibly damaged, or that people will always live by way of greed and separateness until everyone in the world is suffering. While it’s true that for sure, life as we know it is going to change in one way or another, approaching these changes with an attitude of fear solves nothing. The attitude of fear prevents us from doing the better work of loving. Whatever it is you fear – the destruction of ecosystems, the end of a relationship, the paying of debts, the greed of humanity – stop fearing.

There’s nothing to fear.


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4 Responses to The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

  1. RJeffers says:

    This is so true. I’ve found that the deeper the love, the more fear has to be broken through. I had a lot of internal walls set up and more than one person has helped tear them down.

  2. Judy Peace says:

    We’re so good at fearing, and such neophytes at loving. At least I speak for myself. For me, it’s easier to love creatures and plants really deeply than it is to love people that way–anger, maybe? Humans in arrogance, including me, have messed things up pretty badly. Or fear of what might be expected of me if I loved people totally wholeheartedly…? I just read a Heinlein piece in This I Believe about the basic decency of most people. Loved the piece, am struggling with the concept.

  3. Cynthia says:

    But then what is hate in relation to love and fear? Is hate a byproduct of fear?

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