Using Your Imagination

This is an imagination exercise that I found myself performing during a Quaker meeting this morning. The imagination can be a powerful tool.

Forget for a second that you are human. Let go of the limitations you imagine yourself to have, and instead imagine, as vividly as you can, the feeling of loving unconditionally. Imagine that you are made, composed, of pure, unending, universal, unconditional love. How does it feel, physically, to love everything, everyone, everywhere? If you need a visual element, imagine that you are made entirely of light, radiating pure, perfect light. Imagine that this light and your perfect love are one and the same, and it knows no differences between people, plants, animals, rocks, rivers, anything – all is worthy of love. Feel it flowing out from you in every direction. Feel the joy that comes from sending out your pure acceptance and good intentions without exclusion. You have an infinite supply of this love and light, and you give it to anything and everything that crosses your mind. How does it feel to love purely and perfectly? How does it feel to be made of light?

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