Cultivating a Constant “State of Love.”

Usually we think of love as always having an object. “I love this, or that, or the other thing.” But does it really require an object? Why not simply, “I love,” in the same way we might say, “I think”? If we treat love not as an action which is done to something or someone outside of ourselves, bur rather as a state of mind and state of heart, then no particular object is necessary. Here’s a way this works in practice:

Begin with the exercise from the previous post. There’s only a subtle shift needed to move from “loving everything perfectly” to simply “loving.” In the latter, objects of said love enter and exit the mind as they may, and your “state of love” is present regardless. What does it feel like to love without an object? It feels like a state of pure benevolence – to hold intentions for the highest good of whatever and whomever may enter your mind.

Ever since writing the previous post, I’ve been trying to enter this “state of love” every morning. It fades, of course, often very quickly. But the goal would be to continue cultivating it until the state never goes away, until loving is constant. Is that possible? Who can tell? Why does it matter if it’s possible? If I can be in a state of pure love for anything and everything I encounter for at least a part of every day, I’ve made progress toward being the most loving person I can be. If that someday grows into “most of the time, every day,” I can’t even imagine how my life will be transformed for the better.

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