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Cultivating a Constant “State of Love.”

Usually we think of love as always having an object. “I love this, or that, or the other thing.” But does it really require an object? Why not simply, “I love,” in the same way we might say, “I think”? … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters as Jump-Starts for Compassion

The title pretty much says it all here. Hurricane Irene caused massive damage in many places, including Brattleboro, VT. But my understanding is that the people’s response to the disaster there is this: helping each other. Volunteers have been cleaning … Continue reading

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What We Yearn For

This post is adapted from a conversation I just had in the comments section of an earlier post, and I thought it warranted further exploration. Many indigenous tribes have known for millennia that we (humans) are intimately connected with all … Continue reading

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What is Joy?

Some people think that love desires to create happiness, whether in ourselves or others. I believe this is true, but that to understand it we need a more complex explanation of what those words really mean. What is happiness? Is … Continue reading

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Responding to Violence with Compassion

The big question is how? Meaning how are we as a race and as individuals to respond to violence in a way that is both non-violent and preventative of further violence? This is probably the most difficult question in formulating … Continue reading

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How to Have Compassion When You’re Angry

In the previous post I wrote about searching for expressions of hurt as a way to prevent conflict. Let’s take the issue one step closer – when conflict is about to become exacerbated. By that I mean when negative emotions … Continue reading

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