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Remembering How to Thrive

Of the many questions raised by the film “Thrive” is “why are we as humans not thriving?” Whether you agree with the film’s answers or not, the questions remains a valid one. Many of us take for granted that our … Continue reading

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Using Your Imagination

This is an imagination exercise that I found myself performing during a Quaker meeting this morning. The imagination can be a powerful tool. Forget for a second that you are human. Let go of the limitations you imagine yourself to … Continue reading

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The Human Role in A Perfect Ecosystem

In thinking about how ecosystems function, and about how every part of them seems to fulfill a role, the question came to me: in a perfect ecosystem, what is the role of humans? Or would a perfect ecosystem be devoid … Continue reading

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To Love Well, Also Enjoy Life Deeply

I just wrote that loves seeks to create abundant joy. It helps, in creating joy, to know what we’re trying to create. So in a loving life, we must take time to engage in those activities which create joy in … Continue reading

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What is Joy?

Some people think that love desires to create happiness, whether in ourselves or others. I believe this is true, but that to understand it we need a more complex explanation of what those words really mean. What is happiness? Is … Continue reading

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