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Remembering How to Thrive

Of the many questions raised by the film “Thrive” is “why are we as humans not thriving?” Whether you agree with the film’s answers or not, the questions remains a valid one. Many of us take for granted that our … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Constant “State of Love.”

Usually we think of love as always having an object. “I love this, or that, or the other thing.” But does it really require an object? Why not simply, “I love,” in the same way we might say, “I think”? … Continue reading

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Why I No Longer Believe in Hell

So my theology has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, mostly because the experiences of my life have led me to a single conclusion which many standard notions of God don’t actually allow for: God is love. … Continue reading

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What We Yearn For

This post is adapted from a conversation I just had in the comments section of an earlier post, and I thought it warranted further exploration. Many indigenous tribes have known for millennia that we (humans) are intimately connected with all … Continue reading

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Why Love and Compassion Are Not, at Their Root, Egoistic Acts

As a philosophy student I encountered several people who appeared to be convinced that, at the heart of things, human are ego-centered beings, and that every action we take is in some sense directed at the gratification of our own … Continue reading

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Responding to Violence with Compassion

The big question is how? Meaning how are we as a race and as individuals to respond to violence in a way that is both non-violent and preventative of further violence? This is probably the most difficult question in formulating … Continue reading

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Compassion in Romantic Relationships – part 2

See the previous post for the beginning of this discussion. Now I want to write about compassion in situations where a particular hurting hasn’t yet led to a conflict within a relationship. These are crucial moments where conflict is avoidable. … Continue reading

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