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Compassion for Non-humans, and Whole Species

So in my post about Schopenhaur, I talked mostly about compassion between human beings, but equally important is the concept of having compassion for other forms of life, too. According to this article on Huffington Post, the world’s biodiversity is … Continue reading

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Imagine for just a second…

…that love is like air, and you are holding your breath. Imagine that it’s all around you constantly, and if you take a moment, stop what you’re doing, and breathe in love, it will fill you. If we can allow … Continue reading

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Why Love Is Hard to Define

People have been trying to define love for centuries not so much because love is a hard word to define as much as because love is a hard experience to articulate. Those of us who have experienced profound moments of … Continue reading

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If God Exists, and if God Has A Mind…

…Then that mind is a single eternal thought directed at everything and everyone in existence: “I love you.”

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Where Love and Compassion Intersect

It’s simple: compassion is a doorway to love. Arthur Schopenhaur sought to define compassion in his work On  the Basis of Morality, and in that work he proposed, and I’m summarizing here, that compassion comes from seeing oneself in another, … Continue reading

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