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The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

The opposite of love is fear. Love dissolves artificial self/other boundaries. Fear builds those boundaries up. Love leads, ultimately, to the realization that all life is one, that all life is valuable, that all life is worthy. Fear leads to … Continue reading

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The Human Role in A Perfect Ecosystem

In thinking about how ecosystems function, and about how every part of them seems to fulfill a role, the question came to me: in a perfect ecosystem, what is the role of humans? Or would a perfect ecosystem be devoid … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters as Jump-Starts for Compassion

The title pretty much says it all here. Hurricane Irene caused massive damage in many places, including Brattleboro, VT. But my understanding is that the people’s response to the disaster there is this: helping each other. Volunteers have been cleaning … Continue reading

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