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Remembering How to Thrive

Of the many questions raised by the film “Thrive” is “why are we as humans not thriving?” Whether you agree with the film’s answers or not, the questions remains a valid one. Many of us take for granted that our … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Constant “State of Love.”

Usually we think of love as always having an object. “I love this, or that, or the other thing.” But does it really require an object? Why not simply, “I love,” in the same way we might say, “I think”? … Continue reading

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Using Your Imagination

This is an imagination exercise that I found myself performing during a Quaker meeting this morning. The imagination can be a powerful tool. Forget for a second that you are human. Let go of the limitations you imagine yourself to … Continue reading

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Why I No Longer Believe in Hell

So my theology has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, mostly because the experiences of my life have led me to a single conclusion which many standard notions of God don’t actually allow for: God is love. … Continue reading

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A Film for the Future

If everyone in the world decided, today, to be more compassionate, the entire planet would be transformed overnight. In the interest of convincing more people to make that decision, I urge that you watch this film all the way to … Continue reading

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Why Your Mantra Should Not Be “I Am Made of Cheese”

Perception is malleable. We can choose to think of ourselves as being made of atoms, or a soul, or cheese. Going around repeating to oneself, “I am made of cheese” is likely to have very odd effects on daily life … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

The opposite of love is fear. Love dissolves artificial self/other boundaries. Fear builds those boundaries up. Love leads, ultimately, to the realization that all life is one, that all life is valuable, that all life is worthy. Fear leads to … Continue reading

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